Challenges You Face When ‘Adulting’

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For most of us, adulthood is something we looked forward to for half our lives. It was all about being free of our parents and being able to do whatever we wanted. From toddler to teenager, all we wanted was to be older.

And then we hit our twenties.The twenties is a time of reckoning, a time when we finally start ‘adulting’: the actions and decisions we have to take now that society finally considers us grown-ups. Unfortunately, most of us find that when we are finally accepted as adults is when we least feel adult-like, because once you are considered old enough to be an adult, then you also have to shoulder the responsibilities and challenges of being one.

Personal MaintenanceThe biggest surprise of being an adult – such an obvious thing really – is that no one will do your chores for you. Namely, meals will have to prepared by you. If you want clean clothes, you have to do the laundry. If you don’t clean your living space at least once a week, it soon turns into a toxic swamp. If you need money in a hurry, you have to make a decision regarding fast loans online or borrowing off the grid. Basically, you will have to do for yourself everything that your mother used to do for you. The time it will take for each individual task will surprise you. Thanks mum.

Big InvestmentsAnother part of being an adult is deciding how and where your money is going to go. At first, the meagre pay cheque will only count for utilities and occasional guilty pleasures but soon, you will feel an itch for a big investment. When that happens, making a wise decision on how to invest your money will be a crucial part of adulting, not least because if you screw up, it will be your own fault. For instance, if you want to purchase a vehicle and you don’t have enough to cove it, then you should decide whether you want to look up car loans online or whether you will postpone the purchase for another time. If you are interested about car loans online you can visit this website

Self-DisciplineThat kind of decision takes a lot of discipline because you are weighing the future against immediate gratification. Self-discipline is something that many young people lack because they grew up in a culture that is designed for instant gratification (social media, internet stores, home delivery and credit cards help). It takes discipline to learn a new skill; to make connections and remember those connections. Retention, perseverance, forbearance, equanimity, dedication, concentration… all these are discipline-based qualities and it takes time to develop it – patience is also a form of self-discipline.

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